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Ginger & Cardamom Sparkling Mead

330 ml

This is perfect when you really want to put a buzz into your day. Brewed with apple blossom honey, which has a light golden colour and a pleasant, fresh scent. It’s not a very sweet honey and leaves a light apple aftertaste. The zing comes from the addition of aromatic ginger and cardamom, perfect partners to each other and the other ingredients. Pair this one with spicy and highly seasoned foods, such as a curry or anything with a sweet glaze or sauce.

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Water, apple blossom honey, yeast, ginger and cardamom

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Ginger & Cardamom Sparkling mead has a zesty and fragrant flavour. It is a great choice for all spicy or highly-seasoned foods and also foods with sweet glazes and sauces.

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