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Our story

Bemuse is the completely new drinking experience

Bemuse is the completely new drinking experience based on Britain’s most ancient drink. An innovative, modern, low alcohol sparkling range of delicious honey-based drinks, Bemuse is on a mission to reimagine mead for today’s taste. The only drink of its kind, Bemuse is produced by a natural fermentation with just honey, water and yeast, infused with natural ingredients to create the individual flavours based on traditional mead recipes. Inspired by nature, brewed, crafted and canned in the UK, Bemuse is an exciting alternative to beer, cider or wine and can be enjoyed all year round, on its own or as an accompaniment to food.



The starting point

The inspiration for Bemuse came from a desire to create a unique drink experience as an alternative to wine, cider or beer.

We know people are looking for more interesting and varied flavour options that are also low in alcohol and low in sugar. Bemuse has been developed in close cooperation with UK consumers.



100% online

Adapting to the COVID-19 working reality, our team has developed BEMUSE entirely over Zoom with two of the team meeting for the first time at the Low2NoBev trade show, where we launched in June 2021.


The Future

New drinks

Bemuse is on a mission to reboot mead for today’s tastes, creating a delicious drink that is refreshing, lightly sparkling and low in both sugar and alcohol.
Bemuse offers an exciting new twist for a new generation; a curiously modern craft mead.